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What Is Otium?

Otium is a group for homeschool families. We seek to provide opportunities for families to build community through meetings on the first and third Fridays of each month.  Meetings are generally between 1 – 3 p.m. but are subject to vary. We seek to provide enrichment for our children in a like-minded community in Christ.  Our children will engage in playdates, music & art sharing, book club meetings, and field trips.

What is First Friday? 

First Friday is a time for our young musicians and artists to share a polished piece of music or art with their peers in a somewhat formal atmosphere. It is a time for the rest of us to practice being a quiet and attentive audience. Most importantly, it is a gathering over beauty and a celebration of our kids’ hard work. 

What is Third Friday?

Third Friday is in short, a playdate on the third Friday of each month. These playdates will primarily take place at a park and occasionally at a home. It is a time for moms and kids to build community and encourage one another. It offers us all a break from the rigor of studies throughout the week while continuing the learning through play.

What is Book Club?

Book Club is a gathering to discuss good books for greater understanding and appreciation of the books. These gatherings will be sprinkled throughout the year. Students will be split into three groups, preK – 1st grades, 2nd – 5th grades, and 6th – 9th grades. Books will be selected ahead of time, and students will be invited to a meeting and given ample time to read the selection. An older student or a parent will facilitate the time. 

What is Field Trip Day?

Homeschooling families long to have more field trips. Field Trip Day offers a different kind of learning that is not gained through reading a book. We will have a couple of scheduled field trips, but hopefully, ad hoc ones as well as moms take initiative to plan them.