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Spring is Here

Out in the garden,
Flowers everywhere.
Out in the garden,
Bees in the air.

Out in the garden,
Worms in the ground.
Out in the garden,
There isn’t a sound.

Out in the garden,
I feel the spring breeze.
Uh-oh I feel it coming,
A great big sneeze!

Spring is here!

9 thoughts on “Spring is Here”

  1. Hi Zoe,
    That’s a really funny poem. I like it because it IS quiet, and I like it that you add a sneeze. And there ARE worms, and I also like the rose you painted. And someday I would want you to teach me how to make a poem like that.
    Love, Madison

  2. You included everything great that comes in spring. The sneeze is such a funny thing to add to the brightness of this poem.

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