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Our Year

In the winter months, December, January and February, 
I make snowballs as the snow falls. 

In spring, my brother and our dog play on the grass,
That April rain has grown long and tall ,

When summer is here, we dance through the sprinklers, 
Until the sun starts to sink. 

We dry off and watch the sun sink deeper and deeper,
Painting the sky a brilliant pink.

Rouge, copper, and violet fill our eyes, 
Our parents join us in a bit.

Fireflies swarm the black inky sky, 
Joining the stars a lit.

In the fall, everyone but our dog puts on coats
And takes a stroll in the evening hours

We finish our walk around the lake,
And return home for dinner, sitting around the fire. 

We read our stories and say our prayers,
Our bellies filled with hot soup and fresh bread.

Mom and dad kiss us goodnight, 
And tuck us into our cozy beds. 

17 thoughts on “Our Year”

  1. Hi Teddy! Thank you for sharing your poem with us. I love the line, “We dry off and watch the sun sink deeper and deeper, painting the sky and brilliant pink.” Mrs. Cheung

  2. Sounds like you have a magical childhood! Aren’t fireflies the most enchanting living things? The works of our Creator God is so awe inspiring. Thank you for sharing not just your poem, but your life with us.

  3. Dear Teddy, my little poet,
    When your eyes are sparkling, your heart is chuckling, and your inspiration from God is flying…….

    Love you,

  4. Dear Teddy,
    I loved your poem! It was so descriptive, I could see those images in
    my mind! Very nice. – your Maina

  5. This poem stirs the imagination and brings to life beautiful images and nostalgia. Vivid imagery is what I like about a good poem.

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