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Otium Boys and Girls

Purpose Statement

Together building peer and mentor relationships that will challenge us to ​better ​love and trust God by focusing on eternity and living a life pleasing to Him as a response to His great mercy and love, within the context of giving and receiving through safe sharing, practical skill-development, service projects and fun shared experiences.

Vision and Prayer

  • To create a safe community where mentors (parents) and children are transparent about their Christian walk
  • To have mentors disciple the children by applying the Christian gospel to everyday living.
  • To teach children God’s word so they are not deceived but can identify root sins that may fuel sinful emotions and wrong behavior.
  • To create opportunity for mentors to depend on the Lord as they disciple the children.
  • To share the gospel of Jesus Christ and allow God to convict each child of his/her sin and lead them to a saving relationship with Christ.
  • To encourage mentors to fill various roles and grow their relationships with each child.
  • To help children be doers of the Word, putting into practice what God’s Word commands us to do and how to live.


Meets once a month typically on Thursday evenings for 1.5 – 2 hours in homes in Contra Costa County.


To create a feeling of cohesion, we are requesting that participants (including adult helpers, if possible) wear casual “uniforms” to each meeting and event.

  • Otium Girls uniforms consist of any solid purple top or dress in any shades of purple.
  • Otium Boys uniforms consist of a solid green shirt in any shade of green.

Additional Info