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My Apple Tree

Outside I have an apple tree
It’s really super, you’ve got to see.

For every day, every year
I play my games just right here.

In spring, I trample every blossom
Oh, it is totally awesome!

In summer, I sing on a whim
And swing from limb to limb.

In autumn, I pick its fresh ripe fruit
And eat them on a curving root.

In winter, when its branches bend
I make a silly snowman friend.

And when the blossoms again appear
I know I can start a whole new year.

23 thoughts on “My Apple Tree”

  1. This Apple tree poem had a good continuity to it. Each new month brings in an evolving year into the life & pleasure of having this tree. It was made very special to the readers, as I’ m sure the author desired . A story was given to us in in this sweet short observance of a delightful tree.

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