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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 

Takes place in May.            

My family comes together,

And we all celebrate my Mother

We give her gifts of joy, 

And she smiles at her girls and boy

Cozy and snug,

We present to her our kisses and hugs

We are grateful for our mother

And we thank Jesus for her

Thank You Jesus!          

You are our Emmanuel—GOD WITH US!!!!

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. Thank you Alexis!! You always make me feel so special. I am so blessed to call you my daughter. I am thanking Jesus for you, too:)

  2. You sound so safe and happy in your mommy’s love, Alexis. That is such a great, joyful thing! Enjoy Mother’s Day with your sweet mom. Thanks for telling us how much you love her and how much she loves you.

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