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Lup Garu the Terrible

The story takes place in Egypt in the year 2224. The area is covered with lots of sand and the coloring appears pale brown everywhere. There are great gusts of wind that swirl the sand around the pyramids and other buildings. In the distance you can hear the honking of cars and buses among the tall buildings in the city of Cairo. Roger, who is 35 years old and married, lives in New York. He has blond hair and blue eyes and enjoys wearing black clothing daily. He is a serious man with an adventurous spirit which gets him into lots of trouble. Just yesterday he quickly read in the newspaper that a murder had occurred in Egypt. He now finds himself in an airplane, flying over Egypt, preparing to jump out of the plane over the pyramid of Giza. He is a detective, who hopes to land safely on the sand.

Roger has now safely landed on the sand below the Great Pyramid of Giza. He needs to find the murderer, who is a criminal he has been chasing for a long time, somewhere in the pyramid. The criminal is always two steps ahead of Roger and is frequently escaping. This time Roger has the help of the Egyptian police to find the criminal. They exclaimed, “We are here to help!” Roger thinks that he can catch the criminal this time if he continues to follow him. With his trusty flashlight and the help of the police, Roger heads into the pyramid, to catch the criminal. Roger turns the corner and there is the criminal, Lup Garu, with a gun pointed at Roger!

“Don’t move a muscle,” growled Lup Garu as he pointed the gun at Roger. Roger quickly grabs sand from the wall of the pyramid and tosses it at Garu’s eyes. Blinding him briefly, Lup Garu drops his gun, and falls to his knees. Roger quickly grabs the gun and pins down Garu to cuff him.  Just to be sure he can’t escape, Roger uses the lock to seal the handcuffs. The Egyptian police come from around the corner and take him away by the arms to jail. Now that Lup Garu is in jail, the murders stop occuring and all is safe. Roger is proud of his accomplishment and lives happily ever after or at least until his next case.

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