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King Midas and the Gold Touch

There once lived a king named Midas who really loved gold. But he had so much gold. His house was decorated with gold, and he was dressed in fine jewelry, but he still wanted more gold. On a nice day, a weird visitor came and said, “I can grant you a wish for anything you would ever want. So the king demanded, “May everything I touch turn into gold!”And so everything he touched turned into gold. His bed and his table were gold. Then the king began to worry because everything was gold. His daughter came to give him a hug. She then turned into a gold statue. The king cried, “No!” He was desperate to get rid of this gold touch when the strange man returned. He had mercy on King Midas. “You must wash your hands in a special river,” he ordered. King Midas raced to the river and put his hands in the water, and he saw that his hands had lightened up in the water. The golden touch was gone. He went home with delight that everything was normal again. When he got home, his daughter came running and laughing. And from that day on, King Midas was grateful to all around him and very generous to all the people. And he lived happily ever after.

9 thoughts on “King Midas and the Gold Touch”

  1. The way you described how relieved he was to get rid of the gold touch is excellent. You describe King Midas’ actions super well. Awesome Work!

  2. Beautiful summary Asia! Poor Midas learned a hard lesson. But I’m glad in the end he was grateful for it. You write beautifully. Keep it up dearie!

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