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Courageous Endeavor

The characters of this courageous story are Marty the Mouse and Rizzo the Rat. Marty, who is the smart one, and Rizzo, who is always hungry, are both mischievous. Because they love milk and cookies, they make a living by continually robbing cookie companies. They are threateningly known throughout the cookie realm as “The Cookie Swipers.” Besides being thieves, they are happy and jolly rodents. Voicing their concern amongst the rodent world, rodents everywhere ask, “Where in the wonderful world will Marty and Rizzo strike next?”

According to witnesses, the next robbery took place at night on May 10, 2072, at 9 am and ended at 1:25 pm. Decidedly, Marty and Rizzo, who were on their way to crash another factory, moved quietly through the city. Attaining notoriety for its delicious cookies, Dr. C. Runch’s Cookie Company would soon meet “The Cookie Swipers,” since they could not resist a tasty treat. Although the factory was well guarded, once they had crept past the guards at the front gate, they then silently snuck smoothly through the front door of the factory and into the cookie fortress.

Running down the hallway of the cookie fortress, Marty and Rizzo’s next objective was to find and steal the biggest cookie in the world while still maintaining an element of surprise. Silently, they found their way to Dr. C’s laboratory. As they approached, they beheld the magnificent cookie in all its splendor and glory. They quickly snatched the cookie which was not guarded and ran towards the hallway. “Let’s go!” whispered Marty. Despite all their planning, they were unprepared for the state-of-the-art robots that were rapidly advancing toward them.

Since Rizzo noticed the robots first, he immediately screamed, “Run! Run for your life! They have chocolate chip blasters with extra chocolate!” Bounding down the hallway, Marty and Rizzo ran while explosions from the chocolate chip blasters rocked the building. Boom! Zoom! Frantically, Marty and Rizzo carried the special cookie and desperately tried to dodge the explosions. With the robots in hot pursuit, Marty and Rizzo turned down what appeared like a labyrinth of halls and corridors. After a while, they could not see the robots, but they could hear the sounds of the blasters. The robots, who were just shooting randomly, had lost their target. The rodents were then confident that they would surely get out of the cookie factory safely. The robots were no longer a fear for Marty and Rizzo. However, disaster awaited around the corner for the two friends.

As Marty and Rizzo, the two rodent friends, rounded a corner they ran clumsily smack-dab into Dr. C. Runch and his posse of heinous robots who had been looking for them.
Sadly, Marty and Rizzo were caught. Crying like babies, they watched as the superior cookie was taken away from them. Because of their thievery, the two friends were locked up and guarded by a robot. Despite imprisonment, Rizzo took out an apple and some honey. While he munched, he talked about honey.

“Honey is such a delicious thing but it aggravates me with its stickiness. Once it gummed
up the gears on my bicycle and I crashed. Another time…”

“Wait!” exploded Marty. “That’s it! All we have to do is put honey all over the robot and
it will malfunction.”

“Great idea, but where will we get the honey?” questioned Rizzo.

“From you,” explained Marty.

“Oh, all right.” sighed Rizzo.

Quickly the honey was dumped all over the robot. It began to smoke. Then it burst into a ball of fire. Marty and Rizzo took this opportunity to escape to freedom. They intercepted the convoy of robots taking the precious cookie back to the laboratory. They retrieved the cookie back and ran, never looking back. They exited the premises by climbing into an air vent. Climbing through the air vent, the two friends exited onto Dr. C. Runch’s factory roof and met with a predicament.

When the two friends arrived carefully on the roof, they noticed that they could not descend to ground level. Cleverly, they decided to summon a drone that would take the cookie safely away because they could not get away fast enough. Marty and Rizzo loaded the cookie onto the drone and sent it to their house. Jumping off the building, they landed on flying motorcycles and sped away. The two friends went back to their cozy house and enjoyed eating the cookie in peace and quiet. In the security of their home, they recounted the day’s adventure and realized that if you show a rodent a cookie, it will do whatever it takes to capture and eat that cookie. “We came. We saw. We ate.” This is the end of this courageous story in which two cunning and good-looking heroes prevailed in their endeavor.

5 thoughts on “Courageous Endeavor”

  1. Thanks for sharing your fun story with us! We look forward to reading more of your work! I especially liked that you added, “We came. We saw. We ate.”

  2. Oh my goodness this was so funny. Great job with the description, I could almost see it. I loved the two references at the end. “We came, we saw, we ate.” Hilarious!

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