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[Sticky] Discussion Forum Introduction

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Hello! This is an optional discussion forum for anyone reading through The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnsford. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like. The goal is for students to enjoy ongoing, in-depth sharing and discussions as they make their way through a book together.

Some examples of what you could post:
   - a scenario or passage which you particularly enjoyed, thought was interesting, stood out to you, or made you feel a strong emotion
   - something from the chapter that reminded you about something else
   - something that you agreed or did not agree with
   - a question somewhat related to the chapter contents which you would like to pose to your peers, such as a “What if?” or “What would you do?” type of question)
   - anything else in or related to the chapter

Please keep discussions under each chapter heading relevant only to what has happened so far in the book (to avoid spoiling the plot for others), and please refrain from making unkind or excessively silly comments as we want to maintain a productive and intellectually engaging environment. Thank you and enjoy!

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