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4-H offers enrichment!

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Hi all, I think we all are in this homeschool group because we are looking for enrichment experiences for our children, so I wanted to let you know that 4-H is another great enrichment opportunity for families. All ages (5-18) participate together so it makes it easy for families to attend. 4-H has many agriculturally related projects, plus many other types of projects (i.e. classes): sewing, rocketry, archery, crochet, camping, wildlife, drag cars, public speaking, landscape painting, website design, and many others. It is $150 per student for the year and that includes as many projects as you would like to participate in. Our family is personally leading Rocketry Project and Gardening Project for Pleasant Hill 4-H and would be happy to send you a sample of our agendas for the year if you would like to see what a "project" is about.

Pleasant Hill 4-H has a neat partnership with the city of Walnut Creek, and the ranger at Borges Ranch, which allows us to keep our animals the ranch. Our daughter gets to keep her baby goat, Almond Joy, at the ranch, and plans to show her at fair this spring. It is fun!

Our club welcomes you to join us at our first club meeting to find out more (it is taco night!). Feel free to contact me if you are interested, and so that we have a head count for dinner.


Pleasant Hill 4-H Club Meeting

September 15th

6pm @ Borges Ranch in Walnut Creek



Lynn Cravalho

(925) 354-5133

Posted : 11/09/2022 10:17 pm
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This sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing!

Posted : 11/09/2022 10:22 pm

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