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Christmas Joy

Christmas joy is more than cocoa
More than sitting by a fire.
It is not about a Christmas tree.
But about something greater, something higher.

Christmas joy is in a special boy,
A baby born of David’s kin.
A baby born in Bethlehem.
Sent to deliver us from our sin.

“Christmas joy,” the angels sang.
Their songs were carried to shepherds ears.
“A child born of a virgin’s womb,
Has come to save us from all our fears.”

Christmas joy reached the wise men three.
They lifted their eyes and saw a star.
“Let us follow thy shining light,
For it shall lead us to the baby afar.”

Christmas joy filled a humble stable,
As a woman knelt over her newborn son.
All bowed their heads in reverence,
Praising the king, the holy one.

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