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A Poem I Have to Write

There’s a poem I have a week to write
I cannot seem to start it just quite right
It is for Mr. Turnbull’s class you see,
He said, “Make me a poem cheerfully!”

After contemplating a long, long while
I frankly decided poems were vile
After I did this poem however,
I found poems are the best thing ever!

11 thoughts on “A Poem I Have to Write”

    1. That was the place where I tried to put a word of the day. It did not work, so I had to use something else instead. I’m glad you like it Mrs. T

  1. Timothy,

    I love your poem about poems and that it rhymed.. I agree with you that it is hard to decide on what to write. I had to write them in 7th grade English class and I dreaded going to class. But after I wrote one it became a fun thing to do. Your poem is so ☺️ cute. Keep it up.

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